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The Baby in a Raft #2

Raft Series: The Rescue
Raft Series: The Rescue

So the story goes like this. I started painting. Pictures, not walls. I love landscapes, and love combining landscape-y kind of paintings with the unexpected placement of a photo. But not just any photo. One from my own family archives. And in doing that, exploring some of the deeper emotions that emerge.

Baby in a Raft: Alone was the literal interpretation of the photo. Taken at face value, a completely innocent of a family outing at the beach.

This baby, Baby in a Raft: Rescued, takes the situation to a new level. Who is rescuing her? Why? What danger was she in?

Since that baby is actually me, do I feel that I needed to be rescued from something or someone? Or that I should have been rescued? Maybe she is just rescuing herself… saw the chance to escape and took it.