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The Baby in a Raft #1


Most of my original art is inspired by personal photographs. Pictures taken of me as a child, my family through the decades, landscapes of places that I’ve been. I like to explore the feelings that I get from these pictures, especially the ones of me as a pre-memory age child.

The painting is a literal interpretation of the photo, done with acrylic paint, and a printed photo colored with a sharpie. The waves were made by adding a soft glossy gel medium. No feelings explored here.

The inspiration for the “raft series” of pictures is this photograph, taken of me bobbing along in the surf of the Gulf of Mexico at Galveston Beach. I’m not 100% certain that this is a safe thing, or how far out I actually was (probably not very far, really), but way back when, people didn’t obsess about safety like they do now.



Baby in a Red Cape

Little Red Baby-Hood

Continuing with the winter theme, I created this “Little Red Baby-Hood in the Woods” a couple of months ago. Painted with acrylics with some fabric glued on. The baby is me. Cute. Still can’t paint people, so old photographs are a great stand-in. And they fit so well with the whole mixed media thing.

And this one is completely complete… there’s a bird on it. Doesn’t having a bird in your creations totally elevate them to Art? Anyway, I did a similar painting (as yet unrevealed) that I like better, but this one is more wintery. And the other one is also as yet unscanned, which I think makes them look better on the computer than taking a picture.

Acrylic paint, fabric, photo (printed on a laser printer)

Original photo:


My Own Style


Sure, doing exercises from books is really useful for learning the “rules” of painting, but I really want to develop my own style. So this is my first that’s not from any book. I started with a photograph, painting with acrylic paints. After the landscape was finished, I printed the photo on tracing paper, and cut out the picture of my dad and one of the trees. Then glued them on. Not exactly my complete vision, but for me, I like this direction.

Acrylic paint, tracing paper

Photo inspiration: