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Making Ice Cream

aka, my new hobby. There could be lots of pictures.

I’ve had one of those cuisinart ice cream makers for years, and I’ve hardly used it at all. Until this summer. I decided to give it a whirl, and when I mentioned it to Roland, he had just seen this “Master Ice Cream” recipe in the New York Times.

This is our 3rd flavor, and one that will demonstrate just how easy and how hard this process can be. For the record, our first 2 were basic vanilla, and toasted coconut. I decided to skip from ice cream 101 to the advanced course when we thought up caramel chocolate chip.

I started with the master recipe, using her instructions for the salted caramel version. Of course I made changes. Duh. Starting with only 2/3 cup of sugar to make the caramel. Ta dah! I think it looks like it’s supposed to.



Then you proceed with making the custard, in the same pan, with the hot caramel. Adding the cold milk and cold cream onto the hot caramel meant serious potential for disaster. The caramel hardened instantly and started cracking. I had 2 choices…  throw it all away, or hope that once the cream started heating up, the caramel would remelt and all would be well.


That mostly worked, but you know, watching and stirring can get kind of boring, so I increased the heat, and I may have been distracted by the new Two Dots game app on my phone, and, well…


Oops. At this point, however, the caramel was melting pretty well, so I just turned off the heat, stirred a little more, and then took out the remaining clump of unmelted caramel.


I should title this hard lump, “how to make caramel candy the hard way.” Of course I ate it.

Shortening this already long story, I finished making the custard, chilled it as directed, and proceeded with the ice cream machine, adding some chopped up chocolate chips near the end.

It probably should have processed just a little bit longer because it came out very soft serve, and even after a stint in the real freezer, it was still pretty soft.


That didn’t stop us from eating it. Duh. Totally worth it.



Best Cookies Ever


I’ve missed a couple of days on the Zero to Hero challenge, but it’s ok. Day 2 was the about me thing, and “check” done that already. Even have a page. Day 3, um, I don’t really remember day 3 (yep, I know it was only yesterday), but my retail full-time job is hell on Saturdays, and I just let that one go.

Today is my birthday!! Woohoo! So, other than my 4 hours required presence at said full-time retail job, I’m doing (mostly) just what I want to do. I had already decided to post about the best cookies ever, and it totally ties in with the day 4 challenge… finding new topics, blogs to follow.

First the cookies. Yeah, have dessert first. I’m not going to post the recipes because this is NOT a food blog. I’ll helpfully post the link though. I’m not cruel. Really, I hate cooking, but occasionally the spirit moves me and I want to make food. Christmas is one of those times, and I decided, crazily perhaps, to make sweet gifts for a few of my co-workers.

Oreo Peppermint Crunch Cookies. Need I say more. Well, duh, of course, I’m going to say more. They are super easy to make because you use a cake mix, the peppermint crunchie things are pre-crushed goodies you find next to the chocolate chips, and there are oreos. Oreos. Cookies within cookies. What a great idea! And they are soft, minty and chocolate-y all in one. So delicious. Mine aren’t as pretty as the ones in the original blog, but those cookies in the picture above are the ones I made.

And now, the task for day 4. Follow 5 new topics in your reader. I follow a ton of sewing blogs through feedly, but I’m going to give the wordpress reader a go, and yep, want to find some non-sewing blogs as I pretty much have that topic covered.

Drumroll (blogroll?) please. My 5 new blogs I’m getting to know are: