Friday’s Public Restroom Art Fun

I have this fascination with the art in restaurant restrooms, and I want to share! After all, only the ladies get to see these pictures, and sometimes there is some great art. This is a roundup of the art I saw this week. Unless otherwise noted, let’s just assume the restaurants are in Georgia. The appropriate city is listed.


First up, the restroom at Rev Coffee in Smyrna, Georgia. It happens to be unisex, but if you’re just popping in for your morning coffee, it’s probably not a “must visit”, so you might not see it. Coffee themed and quirky:

Last night, during a visit to the ladies’ room in Agave Restaurant. Billed as an eclectic southwestern eatery and tequila bar, the restroom certainly has the southwestern vibe. The pictures did seem to be a little small in proportion to the size of the walls, but they were nice.

Finally, today Roland and I had lunch at the Sandy Springs (Prado Shopping Center) location of 5 Seasons Brewing Company. Definitely the best restroom art of the week! A large painting and 3 large posters make a visit very pleasant.