The Socks

Before my last 2 most recent posts, it had been about 3 months of non-blogging. Life and some fairly serious anxiety happened, and I wanted to follow up with a report on my semi-anxiety-reducing sock project.*


I finished the socks! Yay! They aren’t perfect, far from it, but I don’t care about that. And they fit. In fact, there are some fairly serious issues with them, though the issues aren’t readily noticeable to, at least, a non-knitter. I haven’t worn them too much (or even with shoes yet), but mostly because it’s summer here in Georgia, and the only socks I wear this time of year are athletic socks with my running shoes (um, not that I’m running in these shoes).

And I do have another pair planned. These should be easier and better looking now that I have the hang of it (more or less).

If you are interested in knitting your own pair of socks and don’t know where to start, this is a good place. Kristin hosted a “knit along” last year, supplying the pattern for the above pictured socks, and instructions that really walked you through the process step by step, allowing you to produce an awesome pair of socks, just like mine!

*I say semi-anxiety reducing, because while knitting can be an anxiety reliever (and addictive, but not the kind of addiction where you need to go to rehab), occasionally in the last 3 months xanax had to be my xanax.