Eso Si Que Es

I learned that way back when, in 7th grade Spanish, and I think it may just be my aha moment for knitting. But I’ll come back to this thought in a minute. For now, a sock, in progress:



I’m belatedly participating in a Knit Along (KAL) that was hosted by Kristin who beautifully writes about knitting, as well as sewing, yoga, and life in general on her blog K-Line.

I’m using sock yarn from knitpicks which feels nice and soft. There are mistakes galore, and while Kristin says you can knit a pair of socks in one week. I’m laughing hysterically at that!!! Really. It is taking me for-effing-ever! Or at least it feels that way.

But what I’m thinking will be priceless about knitting socks is that I wear socks year round (at least in the house), and handknit socks seem cozy. Plus, these could be much appreciated gifts, I’m thinking, that need minimal fit. And, having multiple pairs of socks isn’t a burden like, say, too many handknit scarves in a warm climate.

This could be the ultimate anxiety controlling project!

Like the title says (roughly translated)… this is it!


5 thoughts on “Eso Si Que Es”

  1. Great job so far! Just a bit of advice… My feet are hand knit sock snobs (they are the only socks I wear) so they certainly get their wear. However, nothing will bum you out more than a pair of socks you painstakingly knit developing a hole from walking in them around the house a lot. My remedy? I made a pair of felted slipper-clogs I could slip on and off easily. The good news…I don’t get holes in my socks anymore! Oh, and reinforcing them doesn’t work as well as slippers. You can find some great free patterns on Ravelry!

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