Knitting is My Xanax


I’m an anxiety prone kinda person. I just am, and I’ve had to find some useful coping mechanisms to keep it in check. Plus, I just can’t sit and watch TV in the evening without doing something else. I learned how to knit decades ago when I made a scarf for my then boyfriend (now husband) for Christmas. Only I didn’t finish it until his birthday. The next July. And we lived in Texas. Yeah, not really scarf weather. Whatev. I finished it.

I decided then that knitting was just not for me, until about 3 years ago. Right around that time, Kyle (son) was diagnosed with bipolar I and, yep, I was pretty much a nervous wreck. But when I was knitting, the anxiety just flowed out through my fingertips as I knit.

The problem is just finding the right project. I discovered knitted toys, and they’re a lot of fun. My favorite resource is the book Itty, Bitty Toys by Susan B. Anderson. This is my latest creation, Mercer Bear. I made him for Kyle, who is a student at Mercer. (If you fall the NCAA March Madness basketball extravaganza then you know Mercer.)

The best thing about knitting toys is that it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, and they don’t have to fit. Also, there are tons of mistakes, (at least when I knit them) but yeah, who cares.

Tomorrow. Socks.

Look at that cute tail!
Look at that cute tail!