Perfect is the New Cool


This rant has been working it’s way to the surface for weeks now. Maybe months! Not sure if it’s a truly qualifies as a vice, like, you know, burping the alphabet or a truly serious vice like kleptomania, but it is something that drives me crazy!! Daily Prompt, maybe you can help me bring this travesty out in the open and together we can make it stop.

What is it, you ask? It is using the word “perfect” as a response, like “great” or “cool”.  As a card carrying member of Perfectionists Anonymous (that’s a story for another post), I am greatly disturbed, and just want to scream, “nothing in the world is perfect”!!!

Here’s how it works in my life. I’ll give you an example of what happens day in and day out at my full time retail job (FTRJ). Keep in mind that I sell bridesmaid dresses and the vast majority of my customers are young women in their 20s and 30s. Let’s call this particular bridesmaid Ashley.

Me: So, looking at the size chart, your measurements fall between the 6 and the 8. Which size do you want to go with?

Ashley: I’ve never worn anything bigger than a 4. Let’s go with the 4.

Me: OK. (semi-long pause) you know you might not be able to zip this dress up. They run 2 or 3 sizes smaller than everyday wear. That’ll be $236.57.

Ashley: Perfect.

Me: (cringing) Sign here, and you’re all set.

Ashley: Perfect. Here you go. (handing me back her signed receipt)




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