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This is no Game of Thrones, people! This is life in the south. Two weeks ago, the powers that be were apparently caught with their pants down, but that will NOT HAPPEN AGAIN.

Don’t get me wrong. This current storm does look like it’s going to be significant, and this time complete with power outages. At least we’re all at home. Tons of stuff was closed and cancelled today, and we’ve* only had rain so far.

*I know it has snowed in north Georgia and other areas, but I’m talking about the exact location where I am.

The store where I work actually closed 4 hours early! Nobody was shopping anyway. We’re always closed on Wednesdays, so whew! We might even have to open late on Thursday.

What does that mean for this little blog? Well, for one, I won’t be too busy to blog. Hopefully, this will be the last winter post, and I can return to the regular programming. And I’m a little behind in my Zero to Hero assignments. Well, who am I kidding… I’ll just give y’all a little update on how it worked for me.

I need to do some painting, and crafting, and knitting. And of course, make something chocolate. I think when you are icebound, cookies have no calories. It’s a fact. I might just watch movies. Or the Olympics. You never know. The only thing that will really bugger up these awesome stay-at-home plans will be that little thing called “power outage” and “no internet”. Luckily, we have gas heat and a gas stove, so we can still be warm, and have hot food. And dogs.

If you snuggle up with dogs, you’ll stay warm. But you might end up smelling like fritos®.

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