Just Relax, Dammit


I had a facial AND a massage today. Whew! What a day of pampering. The weird thing is that just knowing I was going to take time to do something that is supposed to be relaxing made me stressed out. I’m just tightly wound, and it is so hard for me to let go.

That should be my goal for this year… just let go.

Today’s Zero to Hero challenge (and actually, the past few challenges, which I have, ahem, skipped) stressed me out. It’s like when someone tells you what you know is good advice, and, for whatever reason, you just don’t want to take that advice. Let’s just say that, Zero to Hero challenge writers, yep, if I want more people to read my blog and comment, I should read more blogs and comment on them. And I’ve done that with my other blog, so I know it works.

Here’s the deal though. I need to relax. I have a job that I don’t like that is sucking the soul out of me, so I need to concentrate on finding another one. This blog is an outlet for me, and one that I haven’t shared with people I know. *gasp*…..    I know. Those should be the first people that follow, and then they spread the word because they love me.

Yeah, I’m going to do it without them. At least for now. And I know I’m not going to be “Hero” in 30 days, but I’m going to have the blog I want this time. Don’t worry z-to-h challenge peeps, I’m on board, and I’ll comment, etc. because I like to do that, but I have a lot on my plate mentally, virtually and in reality (do those things all go together?).

Oh, and the pic above… taken by me during our last summer trip to Amelia Island, Florida. A place where I really could let go and relax.