Best Cookies Ever


I’ve missed a couple of days on the Zero to Hero challenge, but it’s ok. Day 2 was the about me thing, and “check” done that already. Even have a page. Day 3, um, I don’t really remember day 3 (yep, I know it was only yesterday), but my retail full-time job is hell on Saturdays, and I just let that one go.

Today is my birthday!! Woohoo! So, other than my 4 hours required presence at said full-time retail job, I’m doing (mostly) just what I want to do. I had already decided to post about the best cookies ever, and it totally ties in with the day 4 challenge… finding new topics, blogs to follow.

First the cookies. Yeah, have dessert first. I’m not going to post the recipes because this is NOT a food blog. I’ll helpfully post the link though. I’m not cruel. Really, I hate cooking, but occasionally the spirit moves me and I want to make food. Christmas is one of those times, and I decided, crazily perhaps, to make sweet gifts for a few of my co-workers.

Oreo Peppermint Crunch Cookies. Need I say more. Well, duh, of course, I’m going to say more. They are super easy to make because you use a cake mix, the peppermint crunchie things are pre-crushed goodies you find next to the chocolate chips, and there are oreos. Oreos. Cookies within cookies. What a great idea! And they are soft, minty and chocolate-y all in one. So delicious. Mine aren’t as pretty as the ones in the original blog, but those cookies in the picture above are the ones I made.

And now, the task for day 4. Follow 5 new topics in your reader. I follow a ton of sewing blogs through feedly, but I’m going to give the wordpress reader a go, and yep, want to find some non-sewing blogs as I pretty much have that topic covered.

Drumroll (blogroll?) please. My 5 new blogs I’m getting to know are:


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