It’s Me, Ellen Maybe


The first thing you need to know about me is that I love lists, and that is why this zero to hero blogging challenge appealed to me. Plus, the challenge. So, with that out of the way, let me confess that I am not a new blogger. This is probably my 4th or 5th blog, and one of 2 that are actively active. My other current blog is over there on Blogger, and if you like to sew, check it out: It’s A Sewing Life.

The problem with that one currently, is that a little over a year ago my life became less sewing and more full-time working, and for me, the blog became more of a show and tell, than an interaction with fellow sewists. In 3 words, way less satisfying. Plus, it was also a way to promote my Etsy shop, where I sold vintage sewing patterns. I still do that. Sell the patterns, that is. But with way less attention to the shop. In other words, if I sell a pattern, “yay”, but it’s no longer an obsession. See, I’m not even providing a link to it. Not directly anyway.

That brings us to why Ellen Maybe? This is a great time to let y’all know how I got the name for this blog. Oh, yeah, and I’m from the southern U.S. Born in Dallas, Texas and now living in Atlanta, Georgia by way of a few other places.

  1. 1.
    perhaps; possibly.
    “maybe I won’t go back”
    synonyms: perhapspossiblyconceivably, it could be (that), it is possible (that),for all one knows; More

  1. 1.
    a mere possibility or probability.
    “no ifs, buts, or maybes”

On Sunday, I’ll be 54, and I don’t like uncertainty. Nope. I want to know what is happening and when. My family calls that being a control freak. I say, No, I just want to be able to plan ahead. But I have always had a lack of self identity. What I like is someone to tell me what is going to happen and when. Frankly, it’s high time that stopped. This blog is going to be that journey of finding who I am, so this “first” challenge post is really only scratching the surface. We’ll work out the other details on the way, m’k?

Oh, and the first 3 letters of my maiden name are M A Y, and the first 2 letters of my married name are B E.

P.S. That’s my family in the photo. Just one camera-shy dog missing.

One thought on “It’s Me, Ellen Maybe”

  1. Like how you came up with name for blog. Was this a “zero to hero” assignment? Looked like it, but couldn’t find tags…. Ohhh never mind, found mention in blog.

    Somewhat middle of the road blogger here = not newbie, but still lots to learn. Owner of 3 blogs & Admin on 4th (helping a friend out to learn the blogging ropes). I’m finding that I have to cut back on doing blogging challenges. Love them, but then get too overwhelmed trying to keep up (and up spending way too much time on blogging and not other things that need to get done – which tends to irritate the family (namely the hubby) ;-). Ooops way too much commenting – sorry got long winded. HAGD 🙂

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