The Spark


What sparked this revelation that perhaps I like a different kind of art? The kind that did not involve a needle and thread? It started with a chance comment from a friend on Etsy. A fellow Etsian was offering a Leap Year project for $20 to make an art journal with a prompt every day in the year 2012. I didn’t do every prompt, and in fact, probably stopped seriously participating by the end of the summer. But still the fire was lit.

The picture above was from the January 26 prompt “illustrate a dragon” to commemorate the Year of the Dragon.

Happy Thanksgiving!


One of my favorite quilted table runners, made by me with my own design. Muted solid colors surrounded by a beautiful batik fabric look wonderful for a fall table setting. Well, we didn’t eat in this dining room today, but we have had a great Thanksgiving.

*Made in October, 2008. Originally for sale in my Etsy shop, but I decided I liked it too much and wanted to keep it.